Word Origin The word Universe has derived from an old French word that is Univers. It finds its root in the Latin word Universus which translates to combined into one. What is Universe ? The universe is everything combined into one system which includes space, matter, energy, time and of course you and me. Composition of Universe  The… Continue reading Universe

T20 World Cup Winner

ENGLAND is winner of T20 world cup 2022. England’s disciplined bowling help them to beat Pakistan in the 2022 world cup final. This time its a tough competition but still Pakistan got a chance to comeback to the tournament for further proceedings.. But England really played well and they give their 100% in final and… Continue reading T20 World Cup Winner

Blockbuster Movies

Here is set of blockbuster movies section. These days as per my views Bollywood movies are not up to mark. South movies are most popular and also earning.. Moreover Bollywood producers also investing in south films. Keep reading and enjoy!

Health and Wellness

Importance Health means our ability to remain free of illness and injuries. We should follow a regular exercise routine and eat a healthy diet. A healthy lifestyle is important in our life as it leads us to a relaxed mind and makes us energetic throughout the day. It is also important as it prevents us… Continue reading Health and Wellness

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